Saturday, August 27, 2011

They're Baaaackkk

Well the Fall semester has started and I find myself back at Tutwiler working as a resident advisor. I debated whether or not I wanted to continue with the blog this year. As I've mentioned before its a nice way for me to vent about the crazy shenanigans that go on when you pack 1,000 18 yr old college freshmen into one building. So I've been going back and forth and at first decided to stop blogging. I have an extremely tough semester ahead of me and will not have much free time. Then Thursday happened. Oh Thursday. Always an exciting night here. This Thursday wasn't particularly bad or anything I was just a little fed up. Why? I'm not sure. I guess the disconnect with the Freshman is even more defined this semester. So Thursday I almost quit. Literally was one drunken idiot away from packing up and looking for a nice, accommodating bridge to spend the rest of the semester under. That's when I realized I had to keep blogging. I need this outlet and writing it down helps me laugh instead of cry. So for now I will continue to chronicle this adventure. Let's see what's happened so far...

Conversation I had with a resident while giving a campus tour
Me "So, which class are you most looking forward to?"
Resident "Well I'm not sure but I'm least looking forward to Spanish!"
Me "Porque? Spanish isn't so bad."
Resident "Because I had it in high school and they put me in 103 instead of 101"
Me "Surely it won't be too bad. You probably remember more than you realize. It'll be alright. Que sera sera"
Resident "Huh?"
Me "Maybe you should talk to your advisor"

While working at the desk during my 2am-5am shift 
I overheard two residents pondering the question "Why are we eating at 1 am?!" Welcome to college sweeties! Better hang those skinny jeans up next time you wash them. One cycle through the dryer and the Freshman fifteen will be rendering them un-wearable.

Then two more residents came to the desk and asked if the Student Health Center was open. We informed them that no, it is not open at 1:30 am and asked what was wrong. Apparently one of them burned her hand while warming up soup in the microwave. I asked to see the burn and honestly couldn't find it until she pointed it out. She was quite distraught however and insisted on going to the emergency room. I saw them come back 4 hours later when I was about to get off of work. They were irate that the ER had the audacity to be packed on Thirsty Thursday to the point where they couldn't be seen for the life threatening soup injury. I handed them a band aid and neosporin and clocked out.

Around 3:00 am a resident stopped by to ask me how to change her class schedule. She apparently realized that she would be going out regularly on Thursday nights and decided she could not face any early morning Friday classes. I explained the process and then she thanked me saying "I'm not trying to get up early on Fridays. There's no way I can handle a 10:00 am class". Okay, I understand. There are many days in my life when I think that 10:00 am is entirely too early. But c'mon girl. You're a Freshman. You are going to have mid morning classes. Bueno suerte!

And last but certainly not least I was propositioned by one of the residents. As I was walking to the store connected to the back of the building one of our girls started walking toward me. Well more like stumbled in my direction. I tried to give her a wide berth but she ended up coming to a stop right in front of my face and while looking straight through me with her glossed over eyes declared "I wanna cuddle." I'm not sure if she meant with me or someone she thought she saw but I laughed, informed her that is not part of my job and kept walking.

Oh yeah. Its going to be a great semester. Please pray for my sanity. Or prepare your guest room.