Friday, November 26, 2010

The Blackest of Fridays

My beloved Crimson Tide lost today :(  That's more black than any department store bank balance. But alas, the world moves on.  Okay, lets back up a wee bit and cover Thanksgiving.

Thursday my immediate family and one of my brother's friends went to a cousin's house for the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  All of the food was muy delicious and the group was entertaining as usual.  My grandmother is afraid I've gone off to college and become "one of those liberals" but its okay because she said she'd still love me if I was "a good liberal".  Probably the first time she's ever admitted there was such a thing :)  Anyway we watched a little football and then some episodes of an Office marathon.  All in all a successful afternoon.  Muchas gracias to my wonderful cousin for hosting!

So this week I've been watching some people's dogs and cat while they have been out of town.  They don't live very far from my cousin's house so I asked my parents to swing by on the way home so I could feed them.  We got to the house and only one dog was in the backyard.  Oh no! Where is fido #2? Wait, didn't cousin B---- say he saw a dog on the side of the road this morning?  Doesn't he live right down the road?  NOOO!  Oh man I really don't want to have to call people on Thanksgiving and tell them their dog has been run over.  So naturally we drove up and down the road inspecting anything that resembled a dead animal.  No dogs.  Shew!  Please let that be a good sign.  Called the owners to let them know what was going on.  No problem, she'll roam and come back soon.  Hooray!  So I went home and spent the next bit of my day off watching some Dharma & Greg reruns (my latest addiction).  Drove back over later and what do you know Lassie had returned.  Great news!  Only problem...I should have filled the hole where she dug out earlier when it wasn't dark...or raining.  Nevertheless my hood and flash light app did the trick.  Operation Fence in Fido's Freedom was a success!  And she was still there this afternoon :)

Moving on, mom has been in desperate need of a new computer and what better time to buy a computer than Black Friday?  I can't think of any.  We decided we'd be "sensible" about it though.  We won't go until 3:00 a.m.  We're only so crazy.  Alright, well then I should probably get in bed because its 9:00 p.m. already.  Would have worked too, except for the whole Dharma & Greg addiction.  Seriously people I watched all 6 seasons of lost in less than 2 months.  I have a problem.  Ok, so its 12:30 and I'm setting my alarm for 2:15, all is well.  Brief nap, scared to death by my alarm and off to Wally World it is.  Turns out the crowd was fairly civil and everyone got along nicely, although we did hear the midnight sale crowd was a bit more unruly. We bought some drinks and a box of doughnut holes and even shared them with the Auburn fans in front of us in line.  Just like Pilgrims and Indians. Obviously we were the Indians this year.  *Disclaimer: I love Native Americans and mean no disrespect. Ask my friends, I wish I were Pocahontas*  Anyway, Black Friday was a success, mom got a new computer and I got a new printer for when I move in 5 1/2 weeks.  Whoa! 5 1/2 weeks!  Ah man, looks like time sneaked up on me again!  And btw, spell check just informed me that "snuck" is not a word.  Who knew?  haha.  Happy Saturday to all!

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  1. Fido #2 disappeared again two weeks ago and didn't come back this time....sad....