Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Over Exposure, Less Disclosure, When is This Semester Over?

I have not blogged in quite a while.
Whats wrong with me? That's not my style.
Is it too much time stuck in this dorm?
Have the girls' crazy antics become my norm?
I'm no longer shocked at the things they do.
Maybe that's why I quit recounting them for you.

Oh no. I'm rhyming again. Rhyming is my brain's response to stress.  I don't know why but when I'm overwhelmed or stressed out I start writing things that rhyme.  That's a very odd response to stress but its what I do and school has me stressed right now.  Anyway after a GLORIOUS Spring Break week with no residents they have returned with a vengeance.

Spring Break was great! I spent a few days here in the dorm trying to catch up on school work (which didn't happen) and a few days back home with the fam.  The dorm is extremely creepy when the residents are not here.  Imagine a thirteen floor building meant to house roughly 1,000 residents and you're only one of five people in the entire thing. With no one else on your floor. Spooky!  I didn't make it any easier on myself by watching Criminal Minds every night before going to sleep.  I can't stop myself.  I love that show even if it does give me nightmares and make me constantly look over my shoulder.  Luckily no unsubs were lurking in the hall and I survived.  However, if I am ever murdered I hope its interesting enough to inspire an episode of Criminal Minds, Law & Order or at the very least The First 48.

Creepy or not, a week with no residents was so nice.  Some came back on Sunday, others on Monday but they all celebrated being back last night.  It was uncharacteristically loud for a Tuesday night.  I guess everyone wanted to prolong their vacation a little longer by going out.  Guess things are back to normal.  Awesome.  At least there are only 6 more weeks of school!  I can definitely make it 6 more weeks.  And then sweet summertime with no residents or classes.  Let the countdown begin!

P.S. I won bulletin board of the month again so take that residents who tore it down!

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