Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Insert Witty Post Title Here.

Okay, quick disclaimer from my last post. I mentioned living with spoiled 18 year olds. That was stereotypical and wrong of me.  They're not all 18 years old.  Just kidding, they're not all spoiled either.  I've met a few who have been super nice and genuine.  However the evidence would show that there are some spoiled brats who live on our floor.  Or maybe they're not spoiled.  Maybe they're just illiterate and can't read the "No food in the sink" or "Please place trash in the trash room signs".  I mean come on people.  Is it really that difficult?  How do you look the cleaning lady in the eye when you know you've made her morning absolutely horrible.  There is just such a lack of respect for others.  As RA's we're required to have a new bulletin board each month.  Mine was up for about a week before it started being torn down.  It doesn't hurt my feelings that it was torn down.  Honestly I didn't spend that much time on it and it didn't look that good to begin with.  But have a little respect for yourself and where you live.  It looks tacky.  Alright, I'll get down off of my high horse and stop complaining now.

I haven't had many RA duties to perform lately.  We had our first floor meeting of the semester where I introduced myself to the girls.  I couldn't really get a good read on whether they liked me, thought I was a loser, or didn't even care to notice we were in the same room.  I must have made an impression on one girl though because she sought me out for assistance later that night.  I successfully helped her open her jar of pickles.  Glad she soft tossed me my first time at bat.  I should be glad that there's not much going on and I'll probably regret saying this later but I'd like something semi-exciting to happen.  How can I practice my newly acquired RA skills if no one has a roommate conflict, passes out in the stairwell, or gets in a loud fight with the boyfriend?  Like I said, I'll probably regret that but is one little cat fight too much to ask for?

I've finally started my classes and I'm both excited and a little scared about the next year and a half.  The classes are going to be tough but I'm up for the challenge.  What's really scary is the fact that I'm enjoying my social welfare policy class.  Me enjoying policy?  I guess that makes sense given my love of history but I never really connected the two before.  For our big assignment we have to analyze either an era in social welfare policy, or an individual who has made a significant difference in social policy or its delivery.  We did an assignment similar to this is undergrad but it was a group project and we were not allowed to chose which policy we wanted to study.  That was not fun.  I know most of you could care less about social policy but if you have any cool ideas for this project let me know!

Finally I'd like to end this post with a great big ROLL TIDE ROLL!  We beat Kentucky tonight in basketball. Way to go boys!

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