Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reporting for Duty

Well if you've gotten sick of my incessant ramblings and have been wondering when I was actually going to start blogging about the Resident Advisor experience you're in luck!  If you've already quit reading then you suck.  Just kidding, but I could say that if I want because you won't see it.

So last Thursday I drove down to report for RA training.  The email I received said training would start at noon on Thursday.  What the email did not say was that it wouldn't end until 7:00 p.m. Saturday.  I don't know what all I expected RA training to entail but I certainly wasn't planning on three days.  I had made plans for the weekend but those were quickly cancelled.  The training itself was fairly painless.  The RA Olympics were another story.  Those turned out to be full of pain and not all physical.

I realize I'm completely out of shape (except maybe a round one)  but I have maintained a small amount of my previous athleticism. And although I've temporarily misplaced most of my athletic ability I've never shelved my competitive spirit.  That being said it was extremely difficult to be the only all girls dorm competing in the RA Olympics.  Sure we won Trivia, Rock, Paper, Scissors, and a round of corn hole but dodge ball, volleyball, and basketball were a disaster.  The biggest disaster being dodge ball.  During the round I was 'fortunate' enough to participate in we played an all guys team. I say guys because they were most certainly not gentlemen.  I get being competitive believe me I do, but when you can beat us by throwing the balls at half speed what's the point in hurling them as hard and fast as you can?  Do you really want to hurt us that badly?  I'm new! What have I done to make you mad?  Anyway, while I was pointing out a ball to one of my teammates a guy threw a ball and it hit my wrist. Hit my wrist so hard my whole arm went numb for a minute. Was that really necessary?  Do you have to beat up on girls? What would your mother say? Ok enough ranting about the olympics.  We finished up our training Saturday night and I got to jump right into action with my first night of on call duty on Sunday.

On call duty is from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m. During that time the two RAs on call have to be in the building and have their phones on them at all times.  Its our duty to respond to whatever crisis may occur, make rounds of the building, ensure the safety of the residents, and enforce housing policy and protocols.  I was pretty tired by the time that Sunday rolled around but excited nonetheless to start my first night of on call duty.  Since Sunday was the day most residents had just moved back in the night went by rather slowly.  The only things I had to do were submit a few work orders and politely tell a male guest it was past curfew.  At our dorm male guests are only allowed to visit during certain hours and must check in with the front desk.  When the guy hadn't checked back out by curfew another RA and I went to go find him and remind him of the time. No big deal, he and the girl who checked him in were super nice about it.  Other than that my first night was pretty dull.  The only thing I did wrong was forget for a brief moment that I was on call and take a dose of nyquil.  Oops?  Good thing my phone still wakes me up when I'm snoozing with the best sleep you ever got with a cold medicine.

This post has been pretty boring but I've been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle (lame I know but my all day orientation got cancelled) and am determined to finish it before tomorrow.  I promise to post about the funny stuff that's been going on later this week.  Like the glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and living with spoiled 18 year olds who are completely disgusting.  Which reminds me, I need to make some "If you sprinkle when you tinkle..." signs for the bathroom.  Thanks Cori for reminding me of that lovely little rhyme!


  1. I said something to a lady in the mall bathroom around Christmas for leaving pee on the seat. She came out of the stall, I followed her in, and when I got out she was still primping at the mirror. She was so uncomfortable that I confronted her about it, but hello, I don't want to be anywhere NEAR her excrement! CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF. Love, Lauren ;)

  2. Exactly! I shouldn't have to hover where I live! And way to go on calling that lady out. Not sure I have the nerve to do that yet, but probably will by the end of the semester lol