Saturday, January 22, 2011

Thus Says the Ugg Boot Army.

I've overheard some very interesting conversations since moving back into a Freshman dorm.  Some funny, some sad and some down right disturbing. For fun I thought I'd transcribe a few for you here.  Enjoy : )

Resident A (Standing in hall knocking on door): Hey its me.
Resident B (In room ignoring resident A): silence
A: Let me in. Its me.
B: Silence
A: Its me. You have to let me in. Come on. Talk to me.
B: No. Go away.
A: Let me in. ITS ME!
B: No I said I don't want to talk about it. You made me feel really sh**** last night.
A: Just let me in.

This is the last of the conversation I heard. I don't know how "me" "you" and "I" worked things out but "me" seemed ready to cooperate.

A common conversation you'll here goes a little like this...
-Hey are you going to dinner? (Dinner being are you eating at the sorority house)
-No. Are you going out?
-Yeah. What are you wearing?
-I don't know what are you wearing?
-Probably something with my leggings and boots.

I'm used to hearing that conversation but heard a pretty funny twist last night:

-Hey are you going out?
-Yeah. What are you wearing?
-I'm not sure yet. I can't decide if I want to dress really cute or really un-cute. What do you think?

Ohhhh so the un-cute look is intentional. Thanks for the insight ladies.

I'll keep the post PG and not go into the convos that virtually set women's equality back 100 years.  I'll be on the look or listen out for other funny comments.  Happy weekend everyone!

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