Monday, April 18, 2011

Everybody Loves Harry Potter

I love Harry Potter and I'm not afraid to say it. Yep, I'm a huge nerd who loves to read and Harry Potter is one of my favorite series.  While conducting health and safety inspections my RA partner noticed that many of our residents had the Harry books as well.  Each month a group of floors is in charge of putting on a large program.  RA partner suggested we do one with a Harry Potter theme and what a great idea it was!  

We had butterbeer pong, quidditch toss, a horcrux hunt, and watched the newly released DVD.  The butterbeer and horcrux hunt seemed to be big hits. At lunch today I told my friends that I needed to get back to the dorm to finish making horcruxes. I laughed at how horrible that sounded and then they started calling me Moldemort. Anyway, I printed out pictures of the 7 horcruxes and enlisted the help of my fellow RAs in hiding them throughout the building. I wrote clues and posted them on a table at the party. I tried to make them cute and rhyme-y. They weren't all great but a few of my favorites included...

"One can be found in the place where you wash your hands if you live on floor tres." 
"Your community director works here. You've probably been to see her if you were caught with beer."
"Polyjuice potion takes a few hairs. If you live on the 14th floor you probably don't take the..."

What I loved about that last one is that the residents took the stairs all the way to the 14th floor. In my head I envisioned them taking the elevator to the 14th floor and then walking over to the stairwell. I guess they thought they'd miss it if they didn't walk all the way up? It all evened out though because the prize for each horcrux was a GiGi's cupcake. They had the pleasure of eating their cupcake guilt free. 

I however ate my pizza and cupcakes full of guilt. Speaking of pizza, when ordering 25 pizzas its important to call more than an hour ahead of time. Tacoma (My friend and the dorm GA) and I were busy shopping for the program and forgot about ordering early. About an hour and 15 min before we needed the pizza I remembered and we called them right away. This is how the conversation went:

Dominoes phone person: "Dominoes, this is so-and-so, how may I help you?"
Me: "Yes, I need to order 25 pizzas for the university"
Dominoes phone person in a really excited voice: "That'd be great ma'am! How can we prepare those for you?"
Me (after describing what I wanted): " there anyway we can get those by 6:15?" It was 5:10 at the time.
Dominoes phone person in a not so excited voice: "Let me get a manager..."

Sorry Dominoes! But kudos because they got them to us on time and the pizzas tasted amazing. Ugh, pizza. I'm already mad at myself. I'm gaining my Freshman Fifteen all over again. Must do better tomorrow. 

Alright, time to get some sleep so I can be productive tomorrow. I have two huge papers due and only 12 more school days. I cannot believe how quickly this semester has flown by! Thanks for enduring my stories thus far.

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