Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More quotables

They're at it again. More quotables from the residents...

Resident A:"Do you know what she wore to dress check?"
Resident B:"Yeah, she wore my dress. I don't know how she fit in it though. I had to squeeze into it and was practically suffocating the whole time I wore it. I mean, it still fit, but I don't know how she wore it."

Resident while looking at one of those $1 mugshot magazines you see in gas stations: "What does aliases mean? What is an alias?"
Me: "You know, like Tater Salad."
Resident: Blank look
Me: "Ron Tater Salad White?"
Resident: Blank look
Me: "It means another name you go by. Names you use so the police won't know your true identity"
Resident: "Ohh like I could be Nicole."
Me: "Sure, as long as that's not your real name"
Resident: Blank look.

I think she finally got it by the end of our conversation but come on! I can forgive you not knowing the word "alias". Maybe you missed that day of 7th grade. But you've never seen Blue Collar Comedy? These girls are worse off than I realized.

During a recent Tornado Warning
Resident: "Is this serious? Like is it going to hit us?"
Me: "Well its a warning so that's more serious that a watch. I think it means tornadoes have actually been spotted. James Spann is probably down to his suspenders."
Resident: "Ok, is that serious?"
Me: "If you think getting hit by a tornado is serious, then yeah. But there's a very small chance it will actually hit the building."
Resident: "Why are there so many tornadoes here?! They should tell you this when you apply!"

For the record the tornado did not hit the building and yes there are a lot of tornadoes that come through our city. Its interesting to see how the students who aren't from areas that experience tornadoes react to their first bad storm.  I tried to reassure the worriers that it was highly unlikely that we were in any danger but when the sky goes from black to green to blue and back to black again within 10 minutes that's hard to do.

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