Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Residents. Babies. They're all the same.

Our community director is having another baby. Exciting times! We threw her a surprise baby shower last night at our staff meeting. Its too early to know the baby's sex but we wanted to have a shower before the end of the semester. For our gift Tacoma and I decorated onesies.

Two other RAs helped us with a couple of them. The one with little Green monsters was made by an RA much more talented than myself. Our CD's last name is Green if you're wondering why there are so many green themed onesies. Her husband is working on his doctorate? in math? Something science-y like that so Tacoma made the Q(t)π one. Too cute. Here's the card I made to go with the gift...



Surprisingly we were able to keep the shower a secret and she was truly surprised! That's pretty hard to pull off with a staff of 24 females. I'm impressed. Ok, time to quit blogging about babies and get back to work. 

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