Monday, February 7, 2011

Ghosts of Tequila Present

The dorm I'm working in has earned quite a reputation for the shenanigans that go on here during football season.  I've heard stories of other RAs finding girls passed out in the stairwells, showers, etc.  Parties that got out of control and so on.  The spring semester is usually a little more tame but I've been waiting for something to happen.  I've only had to investigate one wee morning hours scream so far.  Once I realized it was a happy scream and not a "Help someone's trying to kill me scream" I asked the girls to watch their volume and went back to bed.  Nothing major has really happened.  Until last night and I apparently slept through the entire thing...

I'm normally a very light sleeper so how did this happen?  Well my friend Cori came down for the weekend and then last night we went to another friend's house to watch the Super Bowl (GO PACKERS!).  I've never been allergic to any other dog but his.  So by the time we got back to the dorm last night my eyes were itchy, my nose was runny, and my throat was getting smaller by the minute.  I took some Benadryl and floated off to antihistamine heaven.  This morning when I woke up I commented on how it was nice to finally sleep so hard and for so long. (I have mini bouts with insomnia).  Then Cori told me how she couldn't believe I slept through all the screaming last night.  Screaming?  What screaming?  She explained how some girl had been screaming at the top of her lungs and beating on something, maybe a door. I had no recollection of this.  You see, Benadryl is my tequila and I have a habit of talking in my sleep.  Cori swears that I woke up when the screaming started and said "I should probably check on that seeing as how I'm and RA and all" and before she could finish saying "Are you going to go out there?" I was already comatose again.  Anyway, I had no recollection of this and quickly forgot about it because I was excited about something else...We were going to eat at our favorite restaurant, City Cafe, before she had to head home!  

I got my City fix, went about my day and started gathering supplies for a program the other 8th floor RA and I were putting on tonight.  While we were setting up she asked me the same question my friend had.

"Did you hear all the screaming and banging last night?" 
"No. What happened?"

Apparently when the screaming wouldn't stop she went to investigate to make sure no one was hurt or in danger.  She had trouble figuring out where the sound was coming from and then realized it was coming from a closet in the hallway.  The kind of closest that automatically locks from the outside when shut.  She opened the door and there was our very own screaming banshee.  Turns out she didn't even live here.  She was visiting some friends, had a little too much to drink, got lost, and couldn't remember where her friends' room was.  Mistook the closet for the room, closed the door behind her, locked herself  in, and started screaming.  The RA got her out of the closet, made sure she was okay, and helped her find her friends.  

I can't believe we had our first real incident of the semester and I "slept" through the entire thing.  I later asked Cori to describe the scream and she said "It sounded like a domestic violence call on Cops.  Except instead of yelling at her husband the woman was yelling at whoever Tammy *name changed* is and threatening her if she didn't open THIS *BLEEPING* DOOR RIGHT NOW!"  Oh well, I guess I'll have to wait on the next girl to get locked a closet.  

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