Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peace ho! The Ugg Boot Army Speaks!

For my non Shakespeare lovers that title is a take off of a line from Julius Caesar. The line is "Peace ho! Caesar speaks!" Okay, I know Casca wasn't telling a girl to shut up in slang because Caesar was about to talk but I still giggle when I read it.  Julius Caesar is one of my favorite Shakespearean plays and that's saying a lot considering the first time I read it was in 9th grade English when our teacher made us go around the room reading it aloud. Attention all English teachers:  If you are teaching Shakespeare in Alabama please do not have your students read it aloud. I love Alabama and I love my southern drawl but southern drawl + old English + students who don't care = a butchering of a masterpiece.  Anywho here are some more conversations I've overheard.  Most take place in the elevator.

Girl on the elevator talking on the phone:
"Yeah, I posted something about wanting to go to Bonaroo in my fb status so my mom would see it and buy me tickets. She said she wanted to go but I told her its not really a mother/daughter sort of event. She asked me how much tickets were and when I told her she said '$400! For a concert? I'd rather get some plastic surgery' "

2 girls on the elevator:
"I can't believe you kissed the bartender last night!"
"Yeah, its kind of my thing"

2 girls on the elevator:
"Who's your date tonight"
(She said something but I don't remember the name. Some generic 5th generation frat boy name.)
"Oh, I don't know him. I'm going to facebook stalk him to see if he's cute!"
"Don't bother. He's not."
"Oh, its one of THOSE dates"

Sidenote:  My February bulletin board won bulletin board of the month!  And even more importantly we're halfway through the month and it hasn't been torn down yet!   I think its because the picture of Hank Aaron is super cute!

My Bulletin Board

The cute pic of Hank I used

Speaking of Hank Aaron, SPRING TRAINING HAS STARTED!!!!!!  I wish I was in Orlando with my Braves instead of here with the residents. Le sigh. Oh well, I'll see them in April when the season starts!


  1. Molly, I just love reading your blog. Those conversations are hilarious and sometimes almost unbelievable...except that it's Tut, so that makes it believable :) Keep posting!!

  2. Thanks Erin! These girls do provide me with as many laughs as frustrations so it all balances out.